SEOing begins

March 24, 2008

Let me do a quick flashback in this first post to the position I’m in at the moment:

(queue wavy transition effect here) was built, it was built using php and some good old html editing (of course I made the Sudoku Generator in a completely different way, but thats for another blog). After it was done and tested, I started the translation process and it was translated into Dutch (the native language were I live) – more translations were on the way, but I wanted to start already.

So how did I start? Well, I took the easy approach to generating hits, the easy but not really effective way: AdWords. Most of my website hosting is done with, who happen to give you 50 euros worth of free AdWord credit with each hosting package bought. Armed then with 100 euros in credit, I setup my AdWords targeting both English and Dutch speaking countries (to be honest there are only about 1.6 Dutch speaking countries – Netherlands and a little bit more than half of Belgium). The ads instantly started returning hits and the AdSense ads on the site instantly started bringing in some dollars.

This lasted about 1 week (having set my daily allowance to 14 euros), and it brought in a huge amount of traffic for only the beginning of the site:

  • 1995 unique visits
  • 11,690 page views
  • $9 in AdSense revenue

Instantly, I saw that my AdSense revenue was incredibly low in comparison to my website. Perhaps theres something wrong with my AdSense placing? Who knows! I put it on my list of things to investigate – because the AdWord funds ran out and I didn’t want to spend any more money on until I make some more, I decided I was going to have to do this the hard way.

With my AdWords campaign finished, my hit rate went back down to almost 0 and I realised with a very downtrodden sense of disappointment, that i’m going to have to do something else to generate traffic. After reading a few articles online I decided I would do 2 things:

  • Attempt to gain links from popular websites
  • Improve my site for search engines

And then I let our a deep frigging sigh – this started looking like hard work.

(end wavy transition effect here)

So here I am, this is my current position, I’m now going to get on with attempting some sort of linking from popular sites (or probably any old site really), to see if this helps improve my hit rate. I also thought about presenting through a “gadget” that could then be linked into iGoogle/Facebook and all those kind of things (basically making a mini version of the play page and presenting it through a iFrame) – who knows if this will increase traffic.


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